Terms & Conditions 条款及细则

Product Information
  1. All products displayed on our website are available while stocks last.
  2. We make every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the colours of the products that appear on our website. However, as the actual colours you see depend on the resolution of your monitor screen, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colours will be exactly the same as the colours of our products.
Placing an order
  1. The customer is obliged to provide accurate address information while placing an order for delivery and billing purposes. If the customer provides incorrect or incomplete information, he/she bears the full responsibility.
  2. Immediately, after receiving the offer, the customer receives the feedback provided by e-mail confirming receipt of it, together with the necessary information regarding the details of the transaction.  The offer is deemed to be accepted upon full payment being received.
  3. As soon as the order is confirmed, the price specified by the ordered product does not change.
  4. Confirmed order of in-stock items will be shipped within 48 hours of payment being received.
  5. The buyer is charged with shipping costs, which are calculated individually during ordering process. Price list of shipping can be found here.
  6. All deliveries will be made by couriere serviceas deemed fit by us, unless otherwise requested by the customer.  In case of returned shipments to the store unclaimed by the customer, the cost of re-delivery shall be borne by the customer.
  7. For orders of in-stock items, in the absence of goods in the warehouse, the customer will be immediately informed of this situation, along with information about expected delivery date. The customer has the right to cancel the booking or choose to extend the waiting time.
Pricing of goods
  1. We reserve the right to change prices of products, to remove goods and to introduce new offers and to conduct of temporary promotions.
  2. All prices on this site are gross prices (including local taxes). Prices do not include shipping costs.  The prices displayed are quoted in Chinese Yuan (RMB) and are valid and apply throughout all regions.
Return and Exchange Policy
  1. Product warranties are upheld by the respective manufacturers and are subject to their respective terms and conditions.
  2. Normal wear, fabric fading, minor size differences, common/normal wrap nubs or flaws, and sewing varieties are not considered manufacturing defects and will not be accepted for any return or exchange.
  3. If you have received a defective item, please contact us within 7 days of receipt.  Please explain the defect and upload photographs that will aid in our evaluation of your application
  4. Once the defect is confirmed, we will either send you a replacement from our own warehouse or have the supplier contact you directly to exchange.
  5. For exchange of non-defective items, delivery costs incurred will be borne by you, unless the wrong item was delivered to you from us.
  6. Any item that has been used or washed will not be accepted for any return or exchange.
  1. The user of ring slings/woven wraps bears full responsibility for the safety of the worn child. We are not liable for potential damages resulting from improper use of the information contained on the website.
  2. Baby carriers are not the product or medical rehabilitation, and are intended for healthy children. If there are any doubt as to the scope and/or how to use the sling, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician, orthopedist or physiotherapist.

  1. 我们网站上显示的所有商品售完为止。
  2. 我们尽一切努力在网站商准确显示商品的颜色。然而,基于显示器屏幕的分辨率,我们无法保证您的显示器的颜色显示将是与实际产品的颜色完全一致。
  1. 客户有责任提供准确的地址信息,同时将订单交付和付款。如果客户提供了不正确或不完整信息,他/她承担全部责任。
  2. 当您下订单时,您将收到一封确认电子邮件确认收到您的订单。电子邮件只是一个确认,在您的支付收到之后,方构成我们对您订单的接受。
  3. 在库存物品的确认订单将在48小时内发货。
  4. 买方负责运输成本,这是在订货过程中,单独计算。
  5. 商品将由卖家指定的快递公司配送,除非客户另有要求。如果商品无人认领而送返卖家,重新发货的费将用由客户承担。
  6. 如果在库商品,因各种原因缺货,我们将立即通知客户有关预计交货日期的信息。客户有权取消订单或选择延长收货时间。
  1. 我们保留更改产品的价格,商品下架,并引入新品和进行临时促销活动的权利。
  2. 本网站上的所有价格不包括运费。显示的价格均为人民币,并有效于所有地区。
  1. 各商品的保证期均由该供应商提供并执行。
  2. 正常磨损,织物褪色,轻微的大小差异,编织品与缝制品的正常瑕疵,不被视为制造缺陷,不接受任何退货或换货。
  3. 您若接收了瑕疵品,请在收货7天之内联系我们,并上传相关照片以便我们验证您的申请。
  4. 退换申请被接收后,我们会直接进行退换或让供应商直接与您联系进行退换。
  5. 在需要调换商品的情况所产生的运费将由您承担,除非是卖家发错商品。
  6. 已使用或清洗的任何项目将不予受理任何退货或换货。
  1. 背巾的用户需对背戴的儿童的安全负全部责任。我们不会对因不当使用包含在网站上的信息而导致的潜在损失承担责任。
  2. 婴儿背巾不属于医疗康复产品,并且适用与健康儿童。如果对于背巾的正确使用有任何疑问,建议咨询儿科医生、骨科医生或物理治疗师。