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Didymos-LogoSince its founding in 1972 by Erika Hoffmann, Didymos has continued to weave some of the most beautiful and comfortable woven wraps in the babywearing market.  Based in Germany, Didymos has dedicated its baby carrier manufacturing process to producing safe, resilient and ecologically conscious wraps and slings.  Didymos baby carriers are free of chemicals and heavy metals.  All fibers used are organically sourced from countries Didymos feels can be trusted to provide ethical working conditions for their labourers. With designs ranging from fun and playful to elegant classics, there is surely a Didymos carrier for every babywearer!

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1972年由 Erika Hoffmann 创立至今,Didymos 婴儿背巾仍然是市场上最美丽舒适且值得信赖的背巾品牌之一。 Didymos 致力编织安全且环保的背巾,其不含任何化学物质和重金属。除了从有机来源采购原料,Didymos 也注重这些国家是否为劳工提供道德的工作条件。设计风格不论现代或经典,童趣或典雅,必定有适合每一位父母的 Didymos 背巾!

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Indajani woven wraps are handwoven by artisans from the area known as Sierra Sur in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Women and men weave shawls, scarves and other handmade carriers ona backstrap looms and pedal looms.  Indajani is dedicated to producing 100% natural and ecological friendly products that stimulate the relationship of closeness that exists between parents and children.  Indajani is a member of the Baby Carrier Idustry Alliance (BCIA).

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Indajani 背巾由来自墨西哥瓦哈卡州被称为塞拉利昂苏尔地区的工匠手工编织的。Indajani致力于生产100%纯天然、生态的产品,让您在背戴孩子时,享受最自然亲近的美好。Indajani是国际婴儿背戴联盟 (BCIA) 的成员。

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Little Frog woven wraps are made in Poland.  They are machine-woven and are produced in accordance with EU norm EN 13209-2 and Eco-Tex Standard (learn more about this certificate). The strength and quality of Little Frog woven wraps are tested by a certified laboratory in accordance with norm PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2002.  Little Frog wraps and ring slings are a great choice for beginners.  They are affordable, soft, lightweight and durable, sure to see you and your baby from newborn through to toddlerhood.  Little Frog is a member of the Baby Carrier Idustry Alliance (BCIA).

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Little Frog 是原产于波兰的机织背巾,符合欧盟标准EN13209-2和生态纺织品标准(详细了解此证书)。背巾的强度和质量通过认可的实验室按照标准PN-EN ISO13934-1:2002测试。Little Frog 背巾是初学者的绝佳选择 - 价格合理、柔软、轻巧耐用,必定能陪伴着您和宝宝从新生婴儿到幼儿的每一步。Little Frog 是国际婴儿背戴联盟 (BCIA) 的成员。

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Soul is a family run initiative based in Bangalore, India that aims to spread and share the babywearing love to all parents worldwide.  Soul believes that babywearing can make the world happier, that babywearing has a domino effect. It creates independent, healthy, secure, loving and sensitive people, who then go on to spread these virtues to the next generation.  Soul works hard to support local and fair-trade practices, small-scale artisans and weavers by working closely with cooperatives and non-profit organizations.

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Soul 是一家位于印度班加罗尔的家庭生意,宗旨为推广背戴宝宝的益处和乐趣。 Soul 认为背戴宝宝能培育出独立、健康、有安全感、充满爱和感性的孩子,而这些美德将一代传一代,从而使整个世界变得更美好。Soul 极力通过和当地的非营利组织密切合作,支助小规模的工匠和织布者。

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