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At woonderworks, we hope to help parents bond with their babies through babywearing.  We have lovingly handpicked each product with beginner babywearers in mind, providing good quality yet affordable wraps and slings so that parents can carry their babies with a peace of mind.

We are an authorised distributor of Didymos, Indajani. Little Frog and Soul. All brands in our store are members of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) and their carriers are tested safe to carry a newborns to a weight of about 15kg.

woonderworks is founded by a Singaporean mother of two who is based in Shanghai.  She hopes that more parents in China can embrace babywearing!

让 woonderworks 带你发现背戴宝宝的世界!我们为您精心高品质、价格合理的背巾,让各位宝爸宝妈能够通过背戴宝宝享受贴身贴心的美好时光。

woonderworks 是 Didymos 、 Indajani 、Little Frog 和 Soul 的授权经销商,承诺所有出售的背巾都是是原装进口正品。这些品牌皆国际婴儿背戴联盟(BCIA)成员,他们的背巾都经测试可安全背戴重达15公斤的幼儿,宝爸宝妈可安心使用!

woonderworks 创办人目前居住在上海。身为两个宝的妈,她希望更多父母能够和自己一样,步上背戴宝宝的美妙旅程!